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My name is Balazs Szabo born and raised in Hungary, Budapest.

Arrived to the Friendly Island St Maarten 2007. Started to work with a local charter boat company and still working there.

But... Cars are still my passion!

I decided to provide a Service to all who needs. A service which include EVERYTHING with cars. From find it till sell it (and buy a new one).

Let's see what it is:
  • Looking for a car even if you not on the island? Will find for you!
    (See Vehicle Preference Form)
  • Leaving for vacation? We will service, clean and safely store it for you!
  • Any car you bought if from us always got special attention in our garage and car wash. You don't have wait days, weeks or if needs then use one of our spare car!
  • Inspection, registration, insurance. No hassle we do it for you!
  • Selling a car? Estimate, advice for FREE!
  • And of course a lot more...

As you see, we are here FOR YOU  -  Check us out you won't regret it!



Our Service


  • All cars are inspected. Your choice where you wants to register it
  • You can start to initiate your car online
  • Appointments are available to show your future vehicle around
  • We buy & exchange cars
  • We have a garage, tire shop and car wash
  • We give warranty if needs
  • FREE advice!

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